We are available 365 days, 24/7, so you don't have to worry about anything. We carry out a comprehensive professional management. We take care of everything. Our aim is for our guests to enjoy a top-class experience.

Competitive advantages

  • Experience

    We have hosted more than 100,000 customers in San Sebastián and Bilbao.

  • Knowledge

    We have the best professional team in the tourism sector. We are a great team!

  • Price algorithm

    We work with custom dynamic pricing algorithms for each home.

  • Control Panel

    The best control panel for owners, allows a detailed analysis.

Services to owners

  • Registry

    We register your home in the Basque Government in accordance with sector regulations.

  • Home stage

    Our design team will make your apartment look spectacular.

  • Professional photography

    We make a professional photographic report of your home.

  • Commercialization

    We market your home through all the leading channels worldwide.

Attention to details

  • 24/7 assistance

    Communication and 5-star support for each client. 365 days a year, 24/7.

  • Cleaning

    We have our own cleaning team trained to ensure hygiene and quality protocols.

  • Towels and bedding

    We include welcome packs, towels and superior quality bedding.

  • 24/7 maintenance

    We have our own maintenance team to ensure a professional service 24/7.

Management and peace of mind

  • License

    We evaluate the compliance of your home with urban regulations and process the license.

  • Price optimization

    We review your rates daily. Our pricing algorithm maximizes performance.

  • Insurance

    We sign specific insurance for each home. We carry out our activity on your property safely.

We collaborate with all the leading global channels:

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